Paddle changelog
Paddle changelog

💳 Three new payment methods to support your global sales




Paddle makes it easy to sell software around the world, handling international tax compliance, currencies, and localization (including our new localized emails), so you don’t have to. But we’re delighted to announce that today we’re launching three new, highly requested payment methods to further empower your international sales:

  • iDEAL is the predominant payment method in the Netherlands by some margin, and allows customers in that country to select their bank account to instantly and quickly transfer payment. It can now be enabled from your Paddle dashboard.
  • Alipay is one of our most requested payment methods (if not features overall!) and is launching in Early Access. With more than a billion users, this digital wallet is a crucial option for software sellers targeting China. Apply for the Early Access now via the form on our documentation page.
  • Google Pay is another global wallet (like our Apple Pay and PayPal options), whereby customers store their credit and debit cards and can then easily pay without re-entering all their details. This can also now be enabled from your Paddle dashboard.

All of these options work with one-time payments through Paddle, and have already proven to have an impact on sales for software sellers with them enabled. Kaleido, behind visual AI products and unscreen, said of using Alipay with Paddle:

“Not only did we see a doubling of one-time sales in China, but we also saw a significant shift in buyer behaviour with over 90% of customers opting to pay via Alipay, when the split had previously been 40% credit card, 60% PayPal.”

Clara Cordes, Product Owner at Kaleido

You can now enable iDEAL and Google Pay from the Checkout Settings section in your Paddle dashboard, or apply to the Alipay Early Access if you’re targeting increased sales from China. You can also email with any questions.