Paddle changelog
Paddle changelog

⚙️ Support removed for Windows SDK





Over time, app-based interfaces and license keys have given way to web-based checkouts and email logins, which has led to a significant decrease in usage of our Windows SDK.

Therefore Paddle will no longer support the Windows SDK going forward.

Although the Windows SDK will still work as it is now and the developer documentation will still be accessible, the Windows SDK will no longer receive any fixes, improvements or technical support. Its smooth running can no longer be guaranteed, so if you continue to use it please proceed with caution.

Sufficient usage of our Mac SDK means we will continue to support that for the foreseeable future.

Although this affects a very small proportion of Paddle’s software sellers, we always hate to remove support for any of our technology. But as our customers’ demands and needs evolve, we sometimes need to refocus our efforts to have the greatest impact on revenue delivery and growth.

Please click here to download a guide on how to use webviews and the Pay Link API to continue facilitating purchases in-app, and for a simple lambda function to help you get going. You can also contact the team at where we'll be glad to help.