⏸️ Pausing Subscriptions

We have just added the ability to pause and restart a subscription. This will give customers the option to pause their subscription and restart it when they wish instead of cancelling the subscription and having to re-enter their card details and make a new purchase when they wish to return to your product.

Subscriptions can be paused & restarted either via the Update Subscriptions API or manually via the Paddle vendor dashboard under the manage subscriptions area.

Once a subscription is paused a customer will not be charged for the next or subsequent payments which are due on their subscription. When restarting their subscription the customer will restart the billing cycle from that date and will be billed immediately for the first payment of the billing cycle. Once a customer has paused or restarted their subscription you will be informed via webhook and can then take appropriate action with regard to the customers access to your product.

Allowing customers to enter a paused state rather than only presenting them with an option to churn allows you to engage with them and try to get them back as fully paid up customers.

We are not finished there with pausing subscriptions with additional functionality currently being added. If you have any questions on this, or suggestions on changes you would like to see, do not hesitate in contacting us: e-mail