Paddle changelog
Paddle changelog

🍎 New V4.4 Mac SDK




We are glad to announce that V4.4 of the Mac SDK has now been released!

As mentioned in previous communications, even though you do not need to update the SDK to be ready for the new macOS Ventura, the new version includes bug fixes, improvements relevant to macOS Ventura and new methods:

  • Improvements for SwiftUI - We’ve updated the UI methods to make it easier to use with SwiftUI. You can download the updated Sample app here, where we demonstrate best practices for using the SDK with SwiftUI.
  • Ventura UI Updates - The UI has been restructured for Ventura to allow for future customisation and improvements.
  • Introduction of Activation Reclaim methods - which allows you to manage existing/previous activations for a license through the SDK and to deactivate older activations if the license being used has run out of available activations. Please find the documentation here
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Resolved deprecations and warnings for macOS Ventura.
  • Updated license persistence functionality to switch deprecated unarchiveObjectWithData methods to unarchivedObjectOfClass when using Ventura.

You can head here to download the latest release of our Mac SDK.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please get in touch with our team at or via the support icon in the Paddle dashboard.