New Billing overview returned to Beta

For a few weeks we’ve been building a new Billing overview page in Beta, collecting and actioning user feedback to provide a new page which aimed to make the underlying data more reliable, whilst also adding some new features (like year-over-year comparisons). On Friday we removed the older Billing overview dashboard in favor of this new Billing page.

But we received some good feedback that the new page is still missing some charts which a lot of you found valuable. So we’ve therefore reverted the swap and kept the newer page in Beta for now. This means you’ll be able to access both pages until the new Billing dashboard is far more feature-rich, and sure to delight you all.

Please let us know at whether you have any further feedback on what insights would benefit you most in this area. We love getting input from our users that helps us build a better product together, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!