Paddle changelog
Paddle changelog

🚀 Early access for Paddle’s new Invoicing solution is here




Today we’re excited to launch the early access for our new Invoicing solution - a faster, better, and safer approach to sending invoices.

With Paddle’s new Invoicing solution, you can target business customers in a scalable and compliant way, with all revenue reconciled into a single source of truth. Here are the benefits of our new tool:

  • We reconcile all offline payments, so you don’t have to set up bank accounts, entities or reconcile payments.
  • Access to centralized revenue data regardless of the sales channel and ensure accurate and consistent financial reporting.
  • Cut out your manual processes with Paddle’s API-first solution, which plugs into your workflows, issues and renews invoices (we’ll do a public API launch in Q3 🚀).
  • Achieve global compliance with our payment layer collecting, filing, and remitting sales taxes all over the world.

The new Invoicing solution has complete feature parity with our current tool plus numerous improvements, including multi-line item invoices and a better user interface. Please visit our support page for more information and read the updated documentation on our existing and new Invoicing webhooks.

We’ve already processed more than $10million through Invoicing, even in our private early access, and we are pleased to launch our public early access today.

Apply now for Invoicing early access, a robust and flexible tool designed to facilitate and support the entire end-to-end sales-assisted billing process. If you have any questions, please contact us at