Paddle changelog
Paddle changelog

🧾 Compliant Subscription Receipts

We’re pleased to announce we’ve rolled out some changes to our subscription receipts. This is the first change prompted by new compliance requirements from VISA, with further updates to our emails coming in a few weeks.

For ‘trial subscriptions’ (those with a trial period or initial promotional discount), Sellers now need to communicate when the first charge will occur after the trial period and how much the subscription will be, as well as providing a link so customers can review their subscription. But we’re handling these requirements on your behalf as your Merchant of Record, saving your engineers time and keeping you compliant!

Here’s an example of what the receipt now looks like (users can access receipts via the ‘View Receipt’ button in their initial subscription confirmation email):

Initial Subscription Receipt.png

For more information on the changes we’ve made today and those we plan to release in the coming weeks, see this Support page. Or if you have questions please get in touch with our team at or open the support icon to start a conversation.