🔠 A/B Testing the Checkout on GDPR Display

We constantly run A/B tests on all parts of the buyer experience, starting with our Checkout as the most effective place to increase conversion.

Following the GDPR coming into effect in May we had to introduce new wording to explain what data is being shared for fulfillment purposes: we decided to A/B test the impact of such a change.

We need to strive the right balance between simple & beautiful on the one hand, and compliant & clear on the other hand: we don't want to end up with one of these cluttered multi-page checkouts!


This particular experiment ran with over 200,000 buyers - enough to conclude that there was no statistically significant impact to conversion either way 😊.

We'll keep testing both how we can best display compliance / GDPR requirements and how we constantly improve conversion and average purchase value, sharing some of the most interesting experiments and their results!