🍎 Introducing Apple Pay

We’re really excited to introduce Apple Pay, providing the best possible experience for customers using our Checkout on Safari!

Read our announcement

πŸ“… Introducing Subscription Quantity

We’ve just made it much easier to manage per seat billing, a popular subscription type used by the likes of Slack, Salesforce or Todoist, whereby you charge companies based on how many people use your product.

There are several benefits:

  • Upgrades from 20 to 50 seats can take effect immediately which means you get your earnings instantly.
  • We can also prorate it for you, handling the complex calculations to ensure that users only pay for what they use.
  • The quantity is visible on the checkout, which provides additional clarity to customers.
  • Our API lets you customize your billing logic on the fly.

To learn more, read our announcement.

πŸš€ 10x faster transaction search

We've made performance improvements to transaction search, one of the most frequently used sections of our dashboard.

Searching for transactions based on time range, order or subscription ID, customer details or coupon code is now 10x faster on average.

We have also optimized edge cases where loading speed was frustratingly snail-paced 🐌, because we've all got better things to do than look at a loading screen.

πŸŽ“ Better context in our payment refund webhooks

Whenever you refund a customer a number of financial changes take place in the background: balance adjustments, tax and fee refunds.

To make life easier for your finance and accounting teams our webhooks now include a more detailed breakdown when a refund happens. For example you will see the tax amount refunded to the customer, or the balance fee we've returned to you.

Learn more about the way we handle webhooks and check out the full list of fields in our payment refund webhooks.

πŸ“„ Automating payout invoices

We will now provide you with tax invoices automatically - a time saver to start 2018, as part of our continued efforts to make taxes 100% painless!

You will get a separate invoice to accompany each payout. The amount on the payout invoice will correspond to the gross sales to end customers, less sales taxes (VAT / GST) and our margin.

In practice, every user with an Admin role in your Paddle account will receive the payout invoice every time we remit funds to you - by default on a monthly basis.

You can check that the right users are admin by clicking the "Team" tab in the left hand side of your Paddle dashboard, and checking or updating roles by clicking "manage" on your team members.

πŸš€ Checkout response times now greatly sped up throughout the world

When it comes to checkout conversion, the faster the better - but the location of your customers has a big impact.

To help you grow revenue internationally we've greatly sped up the response time of our checkout worldwide. We're now 2x faster for a customer on the East Coast, and 3x faster in Asia and Europe.

You can read more about the way we've achieved it in our announcement.

✍️ You can now change customer emails

The ability to update the email address of your customers yourself was high on your wish list.

This is especially useful if the customer makes a typo when entering their email on the checkout: fixing their mistake without having to ask us to do it means that you can swiftly correct it and let the customer receive their license, software copy or invoice!

We've just launched it as a beta feature - simply reach out to your Customer Success team via our dashboard if you want access to it!

πŸ›  We have just fixed a few minor bugs

We've just released a number of minor bug fixes and small improvements to our platform:

  • We now return times_used as part of the list_coupon response, which helps you build logic around the number of times your coupons have already been redeemed.
  • We've fixed a bug in the Refunds report, where "Full Refund" was sometimes marked as FALSE even when the customer had received a full refund.
  • We sometimes used your user name (e.g John Smith) rather than your vendor name (e.g SmithSoft Inc) in emails alerting a customer about a failed billing. This has now been fixed.
  • The icon for American Express didn't show on the "Manage Subscription" section of our dashboard. It now does.
  • The "month to date" filter in our dashboard was incorrectly showing the period from the 1st of the previous month to today. It now filters from the 1st of this month to today.
  • On the dashboard overview page, we show you the evolution of your revenue, orders etc. When the growth exceeded 1,000% (congrats), we didn't display the correct percentage. We now show the correct value.
  • We've clarified some wording and replaced "net revenue" with "revenue".

$£€ Retrieve, localize and calculate prices on the fly with our Pricing API v2.0

We’ve just introduced our Pricing API v2.0:

  • Easier batch price lookup: retrieve the prices of many products (for example your whole store page) in one single API call
  • Effortless custom localization: rather than letting us decide which price to return, pass the visitor IP or country code you want us to localize
  • No more coupon calculations: pass the coupon code and the price will automatically take it into account (this applies to one-time purchase products only)
  • On the server side: our Pricing API allows you to run these calls server side, which allows for greater control and flexibility than Paddle.js allows on the client side
  • For one-off and subscriptions: all business models are supported

There are more details in the blog announcement and implementation specifics in the documentation.

🏷 Changes to the payment descriptor

Due to changes with card schemes, we've modified the payment descriptor, which helps customers identify a transaction on their bank or card statement.

The payment descriptor will now start with PADL* instead of PAD*, followed by a custom descriptor of your choice which will now be 1 character shorter (11 characters instead of 12).

What does it mean for you? We've already contacted, and updated it for many of you. You can see and update your custom descriptor in your dashboard, by selecting Vendor Settings > Checkout Settings.

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