Paddle changelog
Paddle changelog

🍎 Monterey ready Paddle Mac SDK




It’s that time of the year already 🎉, the new macOS Monterey is due to be launched next week and we have just released a new build to help you get ready.

Apart from making sure our Mac SDK is ready for the new macOS we’ve also made the following improvements:

  • Added allowed_uses and times_used to the license verification response, making it easier to see the user’s remaining activations.
  • Improved the activation error handling to display more accurate activation errors.
  • Improved core headers.

You can find the latest release here.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please get in touch with our team at or via the support icon in the Paddle dashboard.

🔁 Subscription Management Improvements




We’ve made significant performance improvements to our subscription management capabilities and fixed some issues with the List Subscribers Page and the Subscription Management Page. These decreased the page loading and response time, giving you a better experience when managing subscribers and subscriptions. Here is what you need to know:

  • The speed of the List Subscribers Page is improved by up to 97%. In addition, an advanced setting has been released behind a feature flag to increase the page speed further by hiding Lifetime Revenue (LTR), Previous and Next Invoice Amounts information that are also displayed on the Subscription Management Page. Contact our team at if you want the flag to be enabled.
  • We also fixed timeout and out of memory issues with the Subscription Management Page which sped up the page by up to 50%, saving you time when managing your subscriptions.
  • The performance of the Update User API endpoint is improved, making the average response time about 0.9s faster (which is especially good news for our sellers with a large number of subscription plans!).

If you have any questions, please email

New sales tax rates for Moldova 🇲🇩 and Thailand 🇹🇭





We have updated the sales tax rate for Moldova and Thailand. Here is what you need to know:

  • The tax rate on B2C purchases in Moldova has increased to 20%, meaning that your customers buying from that territory will be charged more sales tax.
  • We have completed our registration to collect sales tax in Thailand and now charge the required 7% tax on B2C purchases made by customers located in Thailand.

Please contact our team at if you have any questions.

🔐 Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure your Paddle account





We have recently launched Two-Factor Authentication which allows you to protect your Paddle account with an additional level of security. Also known as 2FA, this technology enables software sellers to keep their sensitive revenue data including customer details and confidential business information safe while preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to their accounts.

To set up 2FA, each individual user that wants to enable it would need to go to their User Settings page after installing an Authenticator application on their smartphone or tablet such as Google Authenticator (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) or Authenticator (Windows Phone). With this feature, you can log into the Paddle dashboard securely by entering the unique code generated by your Authenticator app in addition to your username and password.

We recommend each user in your account enable 2FA to ensure they keep their account safe while mitigating the risk of a potential security breach.

If you have any questions, you can visit our support page or get in touch with our team via

Sales Tax Updates for Canada 🇨🇦, Maryland 🇺🇸, Indonesia 🇮🇩 and Malaysia 🇲🇾





Paddle has updated and added new tax rates for Canada, Maryland, Indonesia and Malaysia. Here is what you need to know:

  • Canada 🇨🇦: Paddle now collects federal tax on top of the existing provincial taxes on B2C and B2B purchases made by customers located within all 13 provinces and territories of Canada. You can find out the relevant tax rate for each province from here.

  • Maryland 🇺🇸: We now charge 6% sales tax from buyers in Maryland, US.

  • Indonesia 🇮🇩: Paddle has registered for sales tax in Indonesia and now charges the required 10% VAT for buyers within that territory.

  • Malaysia 🇲🇾: Our registration for Malaysia sales tax has been completed and we now charge 6% tax when a customer makes a purchase from within Malaysia.

How these changes affect you:

If you’re charging tax exclusive from your prices then please be aware this might increase the amount your customers are charged in the future.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our team at

🍎 New V4.1.1 Mac SDK Update





We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released an update for our Mac SDK that - among the usual bug fixes - introduces Paddle’s sandbox environment to the Mac SDK. 🎉

We’ve also done the initial tests and updated our SDK in preparation for macOS Monterey.

The bug fixes include:

  • Improved memory leaks.
  • Stopped the SDK from generating .profraw/coverage files for certain scenarios.
  • Improved Paddle’s Checkout caching behaviour to prevent future issues with paddle.js updates.

As you may know, a few months ago we introduced Paddle's sandbox environment to enable you to better test your customers’ user experience using test cards to simulate successful and unsuccessful transactions and user flows.

If you don't have a sandbox account yet, you can create one here.

To use the sandbox environment on the SDK you will need to use [Paddle setEnvironmentToSandbox]; method before calling any startLicensing methods, preferably in applicationDidFinishLaunching: and change the vendor id, product id and the API key to the sandbox values.

Please note that the sandbox only works with one-off SDK products, it does not work with subscription licensing.

You can head here to download the latest release of our Mac SDK.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please get in touch with our team at or via the support icon in the Paddle dashboard.

🧾 Assign your products ‘taxable categories’, from eBooks to Web Hosting





Our latest release lets you assign ‘taxable categories’ - such as ‘SaaS’ or ‘eBook’ - to your products and subscriptions. Selecting the right category lets Paddle charge tax rates specific to your products.

Digital products are taxed with varying rates around the world, not just based on geography or whether the sale is B2C or B2B, but also what type of product is being sold. There are thousands of categories out there, but Paddle lets you select from and sell the following:

  • Standard Digital Goods: Pre-written downloadable software to be installed on a local machine, like Excel
  • Digital Goods: Non-customizable digital files (not software), like digital artwork or online video tutorials
  • eBooks: Digital books sold with permanent rights for use
  • SaaS: Online software where continuing access is usually paid for with subscriptions
  • Web Hosting: Cloud storage or services for information, assets, or IP

Once assigned, Paddle will update the tax charged on relevant payments. If your products are currently mis-categorized, changing this to the correct option could even improve your conversions. For example, eBooks are often subject to lower tax rates, meaning customers would pay less for your product.

Head to the new Catalog > Taxable Categories page to request the use of different categories from our team, and then update your products and plans. You can also read our blog post for more details or contact our team with any questions.

💳 Branded Inline Checkout fires events on payment method changes





We’ve recently added new events to offer our sellers using Branded Inline Checkout greater flexibility to build better flows.

Paddle now fires events when customers change their payment method in the Branded Inline Checkout. This provides you with enhanced data-tracking capabilities and useful insights on your customers’ behaviour.

Sellers using the Branded Inline Checkout will now be able to do better analytics and create a better checkout experience by displaying different interactions on the customer’s screen based on Checkout.PaymentMethodChange and Checkout.WireTransfer.PaymentMethodChange events. For example, when a customer clicks on "Change payment method", you can reintroduce the “Back” button so the customer can return to the previous step.

Please contact our team at if you have any questions.

⚙️ Support removed for Windows SDK





Over time, app-based interfaces and license keys have given way to web-based checkouts and email logins, which has led to a significant decrease in usage of our Windows SDK.

Therefore Paddle will no longer support the Windows SDK going forward.

Although the Windows SDK will still work as it is now and the developer documentation will still be accessible, the Windows SDK will no longer receive any fixes, improvements or technical support. Its smooth running can no longer be guaranteed, so if you continue to use it please proceed with caution.

Sufficient usage of our Mac SDK means we will continue to support that for the foreseeable future.

Although this affects a very small proportion of Paddle’s software sellers, we always hate to remove support for any of our technology. But as our customers’ demands and needs evolve, we sometimes need to refocus our efforts to have the greatest impact on revenue delivery and growth.

Please click here to download a guide on how to use webviews and the Pay Link API to continue facilitating purchases in-app, and for a simple lambda function to help you get going. You can also contact the team at where we'll be glad to help.

🇺🇸 New US entity ‘ Inc.’ unlocks new features & benefits





As part of Paddle’s growth around the world - including in the United States where we support hundreds of software sellers - we have introduced a new US entity called Inc.

This has allowed us to make some improvements:

  • To drive the best possible payment acceptance following the release of Paddle Pilot, all end customers located in the US will now purchase from this new entity
  • This means ‘ Inc.’ will now appear on the checkout compliance bar, invoices, and receipts where applicable, creating a more 'local' experience for US customers
  • You will now receive a US payout invoice and a Rest of World payout invoice, which break down the sales in each region. This will also be accompanied by a ‘remittance advice’ document, which summarizes the amount paid out across those two. You will continue to receive a statement as well, which breaks down your revenue and fees. Read more about these documents on our support page
  • You can now download all payout documents and statements from within your Paddle dashboard for the first time

If you have any questions about what this means for yourselves or the end customers please email