⚙️ A new place to recover your subscription revenue

To grow SaaS revenue you need to retain and expand your subscriptions. In other words, Net Dollar Retention has become your scale-up imperative. But previously the options available to you - from combating cart abandonment to retaining failed subscriptions - were dotted around the Paddle Dashboard!

So we’ve moved them all to a new area called 'Recover' where you can now:

  • Enable checkout recovery emails, including a preview of the email templates sent
  • Choose when, if at all, to send pre-billing emails (useful if you only offer long billing cycles, e.g. a year or more)
  • Select the payment retry schedule to trigger after failed attempts
  • Set an automatic action for unsuccessful subscriptions, by pausing them, moving them to past due, or cancelling them
  • Decide whether to send dunning emails to help reduce involuntary churn

Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 11.03.51.png

Because of the importance of NDR, we want to give you more control, visibility, and options to retain and grow your subscription revenue. Please ask our team if you have any questions!

📧 Trial emails are now fully compliant & convert better

Earlier this year, VISA introduced new rules for subscription companies, demanding more transparent communications for subscribers in trial or promotional periods.

Paddle quickly started updating all emails, receipts, and invoices. Not only are all payment touchpoints now fully compliant, but in doing this work we also took the opportunity to roll out a new higher-performing design. We can now report this has seen a 3% uplift in email open rates.

Yesterday we introduced Paddle Comply as part of Paddle’s Revenue Delivery Platform. Paddle Comply is already keeping you compliant with legal, payment, and tax regulations, and covering you from sudden rule changes like this. So while our team of Engineers picked up 70 tickets, you didn’t need to pick up 1!

Intial Subscription Email - FAQ (1).png

Please see our page on what emails we send for more information, or if you have any questions please let us know at sellers@paddle.com.

🎨 Drive consistency & conversions with a branded checkout experience

Your inline checkout is now a Branded Inline Checkout. Font size; color; border radius; hover and select states… These are some of the near 50 options Paddle has just launched, letting you better style your inline checkout flow.

This means your Revenue, Marketing & Design teams can quickly match your site design and create a seamless checkout experience, without first needing to run CSS changes past your Engineers.

Once you’ve embedded your Inline Checkout and reviewed the available options, go to the Checkout > Branded Inline Checkout section of the Paddle Dashboard. There you can instantly style its appearance and 'Publish' your design:

black 1.png

See our new blog post for tips on how to create a frictionless inline checkout. Or message support if you have any questions. Enjoy the design tools at your fingertips!

🍎 Silicon ready Paddle Mac SDK

In preparation for the eagerly awaited launch of the new Macs with Apple’s brand new M1 processor announced last Tuesday, we have been hard at work to make sure our SDK is ready in time for the first machines reaching the general public next week.

We are pleased to inform you that the “Universal” binary of the Mac SDK that runs natively on both Apple Silicon (M1) and Intel-based Mac computers is now released.

You can click here to download the latest release of our Mac SDK.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please get in touch with our team at sellers@paddle.com or via the support icon in the Paddle dashboard.

🍏 New update released for V4 Mac SDK

We have released an update to our Mac SDK that fixes an issue with the previous “Big Sur” ready V4.0.17 version that caused the trial days to default to zero in certain scenarios. This bug would happen whenever the SDK API requests failed due to network issues, for example.

If you are currently on V4.0.17 or below we advise you to switch to the latest V4.0.18 version that is also “Big Sur” ready. You can head here to download the latest release of our Mac SDK.

Please note that this build does not work on Apple Silicon machines, as the current Xcode GM does not include the ability to build for Apple Silicon just yet. If you have Apple’s Developer Transition Kit (DTK) and wish to start testing it please reach out to sellers@paddle.com. The team will be able to add you to a test list to make sure you get the latest universal beta builds as soon as they become available.

🍎 New V4 Mac SDK Update - Big Sur ready

We are happy to announce that we’ve just released an update for our V4 Mac SDK making it compatible with the soon to be released MacOS - Big Sur.

You can head here to download the latest release of our Mac SDK.

Please note that this build does not work on Apple Silicon machines, as the current Xcode GM does not include the ability to build for Apple Silicon just yet. If you have Apple’s Developer Transition Kit (DTK) and wish to start testing it please reach out to sellers@paddle.com. The team will be able to provide you with the current Universal beta and add you to the test list so you can continue to receive our latest betas when a new one is released.

🇹🇷 Turkish Lira, 🇮🇱 Israeli Shekels, and 🇺🇦 Ukrainian Hryvnia Now Available

Paddle now supports three new currencies in our checkout, the Turkish Lira (₺), Israeli Shekel (₪) and Ukrainian Hryvnia (₴). All of these are now available to be turned on in the Paddle dashboard.

Just login to Paddle and navigate to the pricing options for your products and subscriptions to enable the new currencies and provide a more personal, localized experience for your customers in those territories.

Have any questions? Get in touch with our team via sellers@paddle.com or open the support icon to start a conversation.

🔑 Subscriptions Can Now Send License Keys

Historically software companies often gave access to digital products using license keys, though in recent years there has been an industry shift towards user subscriptions instead. However, making this jump from license keys to SaaS can still be tricky.

Today we're pleased to announce we're making this transition easier. Through Paddle you can now enable subscription license fulfillment, where license keys are sent as part of a subscription purchase. Whether that's the model you want to support indefinitely, or a way to gradually move your customers from licenses to full subscriptions. Once enabled, Paddle will retrieve license keys from your server and email them to your new subscribers on signup.

If you'd like to enable this option in Paddle, or have any questions, please contact us at sellers@paddle.com.

🇺🇿 Sales Tax Now Charged in Uzbekistan

Paddle has now registered for Sales Tax in Uzbekistan and will begin to charge the required 15% VAT for customers in that territory from today. This means:

  • If you've currently set VAT to be excluded from the price of your products, we'll start charging your customers from Uzbekistan an increased price on the checkout. You will need to make sure this matches any prices you have listed on your website. Also, your existing subscriptions will have their recurring cost increased to accommodate the new tax, resulting in those customers paying more for their subscriptions.

  • If your current settings have VAT included in the price of your products, we'll start deducting the sales tax amount from your sales in Uzbekistan. This includes existing subscriptions. You only need to take action if you wish to adjust your product pricing to ensure that your earnings remain the same.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our team via sellers@paddle.com.

🍏 Support removed for v3 of our Mac SDKs to ensure v4 is ready for 'Big Sur'

Earlier this year Apple confirmed the next version of MacOS ('Big Sur') will be released in the coming months. But they also announced that they will move from Intel processors to their own ARM processors. This means we would need to support both for each SDK (v3 and v4).

In order to keep our latest and most popular Mac SDK v4 updated in line with the new versions we have decided to sunset our v3 SDK and focus our resources on being fully ready for Big Sur in the coming months. v3 of our Mac SDK will therefore not be updated for Big Sur.

We wanted to give you advance notice so you can start transitioning from v3 to our current v4 version (V4.0.16) and make the transition to our Big Sur compatible SDK's easier. You can find documentation on v3 to v4 migration here and general v4 documentation can also be found here. If you have any questions or need help during the transition, please see this support page for more information, or get in touch via sellers@paddle.com and we'll be glad to help.